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  • I live in Canada
  • I am Male
  • Alex Yu

    I just added Korath support to the is also updated to support Vorg, Slimeattikus and Korath.

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  • Alex Yu

    Some of the talk pages on this site are realy getting messy. We need to start taking action somehow, to clean up the talk pages.

    To start this, I have a few things to suggest to people who constantly or at least sometimes post in the talk pages.

    1. Never repeat posts multiple times or in multiple places.

    2. After posting always finish by putting your signature (simply put Alex Yu 03:59, May 8, 2012 (UTC)) and then ---- (line)on the next line to distinguish your post from the next.

    3. The admins are not part of the Kixeye staff, so don't expect us to answer questions like "Please make 2 new monsters".

    4. No spam posts, no editing other people's posts.

    5. No level 2 headings (==xxx==). Keep it to lines.

    6. Don't put unanswerable posts, like "Why is …

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  • Alex Yu

    Misleading Articles

    March 8, 2012 by Alex Yu

    Here is a list of misleading or useless articles that I have found. I think they should either be deleted or changed.

    1.Deathmaze V2 (No info provided)

    2.My Strongest Yard (Redirects to Deathmaze V2)

    3.The eye-radar base (It is a bad base and everyone knows.)

    4.The Four Pillars Base (Really bad design... Misleading)

    5.Tactics to beat Fomor (Bad grammar and not that useful)

    I will add more later.

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