Um, guys, our admin, Kevin has now resigned right now. But however, I see he has not lefted this wiki yet. But I think he will leave this wiki tomorrow. It's sad to see that an admin has resigned because all admins are important, right? They help this wiki a lot, and they are also like our master, leader, or King/Queen. So, good bye Kevin! And good luck on your school years! We will miss you! Have a nice day!

NOTE: Since Kevin has resigned, all those lock/unlock requests must be to V.2.0.0b, our new bureaucat. No admin has the right to block an user to request to Kevin. Even it do a lot of times, it's not a part of a block.

So, our new bureaucat, V.2.0.0b, good luck for the wiki and stay this wiki alive! Do your best! It's an important task to you!

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