Wiki updates

-added Request Page Lock/Unlock page

-this has been a while, for those who don't know, try hovering the Community Guidelines link under Community tab to view reporting/requestion options

Coming soon

Note: All these updates are NOT guranteed to come.

-new mini portal for pages

-new bureacaut

-DOTW (Discussion Of The Week) will be active again, or gone

-better vandalism prevention/decreasing system, or not

-new admins users to get rollback power

-new wiki features if new ones come out, if it's suitable for this wiki, it will be enabled

-a new portal

-a new strategy page system, but won't be as good as the strategies in BYM forums

-possible support for Kongregate

-inferno userbox

-if needed, userbox and infobox updates

-I -xKevin- will be resigning after all these updates happen, and when I want to, if it takes too long, some updates will not happen or other admins will do it

-more updates may be added, but these are the ones I plan to do right now

-xKevin- Message Wall 08:42, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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