I'm resigning soon. I have been here for over an year, and I really should enjoy my summer as much as possible, and do my best at Gr.11. The reason is because I'm already addicted to games, and this isn't really helping since it's a wiki about a game. Of course this gives me some experience about wiki and stuff but I don't think I'm gonna work at a wiki.

I'm not quitting right now, but whenever I want to or need to, I will.

I already contacted MHLut about the new burecaut, you can look at the message if you want. If she dosen't reply, it won't affect me at all since I'm not staying until she replies. I might make a burecaut before she replies, but it's not really a big deal since I can easily recruit more admins before quit.

To be honest, I never wanted to be a administrator here, and I still feel that way even after a year. I just come here because I'm bored and stuff. I just want to decrease all this game addiction, and get on with my life.

I'm not that addicted, I still hang out with my friends and stuff, but it affects my school life, and it will be a huge problem starting from Gr.11 since Gr.11 and 12 are the only grades candadian universities look at. I'm not sure if other countries are same, but I should be able to go to colledge or find another path if I try my best in school starting now. I chose to do my best in school, since I don't know what to do right now, I'm not really sure about my future. I guess I will probably figure it out by doing my best at school, and instead of playing games, going out and experiencing as much as possible.

I probably won't visit here once I quit, so if anyone wants to add me on facebook, go ahead. (only people I know well on wiki)

This is my choice, so please don't try to stop me from quitting.

I had a great time here :), and now, I proably will spend a lot more time here before I quit for good. But if I don't, ask me as much as you want because I won't be replying after I'm gone.

-xKevin- Message Wall 08:01, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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