Note: You may have noticed the "1 more admin, yes or no?" gone from the news section...that blog post was mainly made to be a poll, so there'es no use having a ended poll on the news. I'll still not delete it, but will be removed from News.

New Admin

Congratz to V.2.0.0b for adminship :)

He's been a great active user, just like pokeymookey so I decided on making him Admin.

Note: I think I made too much Admins without MHLut knowing, so for now, Requests for Adminship are officially closed from me and MHLut, until MHLut replies to my message or something else. Unless this wiki needs more admins for cleaning up vandalism, helping out, etc....I will not appoint any new admins until MHLut comes back and dosen't mind.

Admins tab

As you can see I made a "More" dropdown on the admins tab.This is because wikia only allows 7 links to be on each tab, no matter how small those links are. Stupid right? I might move more active admins outside the "More" dropdown so for all admins: Be as active as possible if you want to stay in admins tab :)

Note: I count activeness by how often you come, not how much edits you make in a day, but MHLut may be different, this is just to make it fair for all admins

And like always, inactive admins will not be on the admins tab.

Mspanda-xKevin- Message Wall 02:23, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

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