Update: BYM does report to support mails. Use this form for support:!/game/bm/form

BYM has been inactive for almost a year now. If Kixeye ever closes BYM facebook, this wiki will close with it.

What closing this wiki means:

-No administrators monitoring this wiki

-No updates

-All types of vandalism and spam will be COMPLETELY ignored

-Community Guidelines will be gone

If the wiki closes, it will be left at it is. You can contribute if you want...BUT all administrators have the right to ignore you completely because this wiki will be useless by then.

Note: This not not mean Administators can ban random people for no reason nor do any kind of offence to users.

Hope BYM comes back :(

-xKevin- Message Wall 23:05, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

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