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Twig Snapper
Twig snapper
Town Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 10
Building Usage Resource
Size 3.5 x 3.5 in blocks

" Produces Twigs. Used in the construction of buildings. "

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 7.43.59 PM

The old Twig Snapper

General information

The Twig Snapper generates Twigs, which are used to purchase items. In the game. Twigs are one of the most critical resources, being required for all buildings except Twig Snappers themselves. Twigs are also used in Twig Missile attacks.

A fully upgraded Twig Snapper (level 10) has 165,000 hp, making it a potent obstacle to enemies trying to destroy your base.

You can build a total of six Twig Snappers in your main yard and four per Outpost.

Like any harvester , when it is more than 50% destroyed it stop producing more resources unless its health has regained to 50%+.

Building and Upgrading

Level Resources Needed Building Time Production Rate (per hour) Capacity Resources Recycled Fill time (main yard) Town Hall Level
Pebbles Pebbles
1 750 15s 720 720 375 1h 1
2 1,575 5m 1,440 2,160 1,162 1h 30m
3 3,300 20m 2,520 5,670 2,812 2h 15m
4 6,950 1h 3,960 13,365 6,287 3h 22m 30s 2
5 14,500 2h 5,760 29,160 13,537 5h 03m 45s
6 30,600 5h 7,920 60,142 28,837 7h 35m 45s 3
7 64,300 12h 10,440 118,918 60,987 11h 23m 26s
8 135,000 1d 13,320 227,584 128,487 17h 05m 09s 4
9 283,600 2d 16,560 424,414 270,287 1d 1h 37m 43s
10 600,000 3d 20,160 775,018 570,287 1d 14h 26m 36s 5

Repair and HP Stats

Level HP Repair Time
1 500 10s
2 950 20s
3 1,800 2m
4 3,400 3m
5 6,500 4m
6 12,000 6m
7 24,000 8m
8 45,000 16m
9 85,000 1h 30m
10 165,000 3h 15m

Building stages

Level 1-2 3-5 6-9 10
In Action Twig snapper level 1-2 Twig snapper level 3-5 Twig snapper level 6-9 Twig Snapper Level 10
Normal Twig Snapper 1 Twig Snapper 3 Twig Snapper 6 Twig Snapper 10
Damaged Twig Snapper 1 damaged Twig Snapper 3 damaged Twig Snapper 6 damaged Twig Snapper 10 damaged
Twig Snapper Destroyed


Try to upgrade your twig snappers to a high enough level that that don't fill up overnight - that way you don't lose resources when you sleep.

Try to place twig snappers near important defensive towers like the ADT or Spurtz Canon because if someone catapults these towers the twig snapper will take damage or it will even be destroyed so the attacker loses loot. Moreover, it can help trigger Damage Protection earlier. You can also use twig snappers in your NECoRG. These 2 tips are valid for other Harvesters too.


  • Like the Pebble Shiner vice-versa, it is needed to be built with pebbles even though It is mostly made of Twigs.

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