General Information


Medium Twig Missile Catapulted onto Dreadnaut Laser and Tesla

Twig Missiles can be thrown by a Catapult during battle. They are useable as soon as you build a Catapult, but as you upgrade your Catapult you can fire larger amounts of Twigs with more damage. As with the Pebble Bomb, it seems that more damage is dealt on resource buildings than defensive towers. They do the lightest damage of all Catapult ammo types. You can only use Twig Missile once in an attack. And of all the Catapult ammos, this is the only one which only affects a small area.

More Information

Catapult Level Size Cost Damage Area Affected
1 Small Twigs-icon10,000 2,200 Twignukerange
2 Medium Twigs-icon100,000 7,000
3 Large Twigs-icon5,000,000 50,000

Note: You can test the affected area by zooming in once with your Yard Planner.


It is not recommended to use Twig Missiles on Resource Buildings since if that is how they are destroyed, they will not reward you any Resources. Perhaps the best thing to do is to use them to weaken the enemy's towers.

Twig Missiles are best used on Teslas, ADT's and Bunkers because it's small enough to spare surrounding Silos from being fully destroyed. It has been proven that a 100K Twig Missile can easily kill all monsters in a level 1 Bunker.

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