Backyard Monsters Truce
A Truce is a pact between players to not attack each other. One player has to ask the other one if he/she accepts the truce.

To request a truce, click on the player from the Map, then choose REQUEST TRUCE. If the player:

  • Accepts the truce, it will be 14 days (2 weeks) before you can get attacked or attack that player, or his/her outposts. .
  • Rejects the truce, It will be 2 days before you can ask that player for truce again (nothing happens).

When you send a truce request to another player it can not be cancelled. The recipient of the truce has the option to either accept or decline. If the recipient does neither, the truce request stays active in the reicipient's mailbox for an indefinite amount of time. During this period where the truce request is still active, the recipient of the truce can choose to accept or decline at any time.


  • When you accept a truce, you cannot cancel the truce before the 14 days are up.
  • Truces are not currently available in Inferno.
  • All truces now last for 14 days, a truce by definition is not permanent after all.
  • Bug fixed where a person rejects a truce can not be attacked.
  • Bug fixed where some people saw "Truce REJECTED" when it was accepted (this was a display bug only and the truce did work)

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