Welcome to Inferno

The message that appears when you first enter inferno cavern

"Need some reinforcements from your Inferno Base? Choose Monsters from your Compound and send them up through the Cavern."

General Information

Transfer monsters is a system that can be activated when you get an Inferno yard via the Inferno Cavern.

This is how you can feed Korath considering he is raised in the Champion Cage in the overworld.

Transfering to your Outposts

You can increase the size of your attack force by transferring Inferno Monsters from your Main Yard (via Transfer Monsters) to your Outposts.


  • With introduction to D.A.V.E. Club, players no longer need to transfer inferno monsters from Inferno Yard to Overworld when they can create them using HCC as long as their subscription is still valid.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot transfer overworld monsters to the inferno.

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