Hi this is my second upload about Town Halls and Silo's.


Level 9 Full Fortifieded Town Hall

Level 9 fully fortifieded Town Hall

Your Town Hall is the heart of your yard. You need to keep leveling it up to improve on your yard. This is an image of a Level 9 fully fortified town hall.

As it levels up the cooler it looks and the better yard you can recive as you can upgrade and build new things .

The more things you upgrade the better you will become take the monster locker for instance you need to upgrade your town hall to upgrade it otherwise you will never recive D.A.V.E.

Storage silo

Storage Silo


Your Storage Silo alows you to hold more recources to build and upgrade low level silos hold very little but high level silos hold large amounts at once.

They are vital in improvement other wise your tuck with upgrading and building by shiny which is very pricey.

These are the most important non attack non defence item in your yard to this day.

Written by Jimmy C

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