When destroyed, the Town Hall takes a long time to repair (except when using Shiny), and the enemy can loot a lot of resources from destroying it. It is best, therefore, to keep in mind that Town Hall protection is essential.

Your Town Hall is the most important building throughout the game, so design your yard carefully to surround your Town Hall - which should be in the exact center of your yard.

Always put Lasers, Railguns, or other strong armament around your Town Hall so you can have maximum protection. It is also recommended for other long-ranged defensive towers surround it too.

You should also try to put blocks or traps surrounding your Town Hall.

When the Town Hall is level 6 and you have Map Room Level 2, you can create or join an alliance. Alliances gives you advantage when attacking the enemy because you and your friend can attack one person at the same time (if your friend's Town Hall is level 6 as well).

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you fortify your Town Hall IF POSSIBLE.

A good tactic to use is the Town Hall Death Trap.

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