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Tips on raising a Champion

Before you have a champion chamber, it's best you pick the appropriate champ, which can differ based on your playing style. Many players prefer Gorgo because of his massive Health, but others also prefer Drull for his damage or Fomor for his unique flying and buff ability. If you use a lot of offensive monsters Gorgo would be a good choice because he can draw the towers fire, If you use defensive monsters Drull can be very helpful due to his ability to destroy towers and buildings quickly. If you use a mix of the two Fomor can provide a powerful boost to your troops.

Tips on raising 2 or more champs

When raising two or more champs, think of the priority of each champ think of the first one then after that the second one, and so on. When you're not able to feed your champ daily, change it into the second champ basically the defensive type.

Tips on choosing the right/the "best" champ

There are three champs you can "hatch" for free: Gorgo, Drull, and Fomor. When choosing your champ, here are some notes you need to know:

  • Gorgo can defeat Drull in a 1-on-1 battle
  • A level 2 Drull can defeat a level 2 Fomor 1-on-1.
  • The level 2 Drull can be defeated when both sides have equal size armies (b/c of Formor's monster buff)
  • Drull and Gorgo can't attack Fomor (level 3-6) b/c of flying.
  • Fomor can buff bunkered monsters.
  • Gorgo has the highest health of all the three.
  • Drull has the highest damage of all three.
  • Fomor is the only champ that can buff monsters like the Putty Rage.
  • Fomor is the only champ that has a ranged attack.
  • Fomor is the only champ that can fly.
  • Fomor has the lowest damage of all, but many prefer him for his unique abilities (buff, flying, ranged, etc.)

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