Good Defensive Strategies to Consider

Base Of Black Victory

A base design, that survived all 32 waves of Wild Monster Invasion.

A good example of a base needs to have these.

  • NEC (Never Ending Chain/Combo)
  • Block Leftovers (Can defend well against Eye-ras)
  • Strategically placed Towers (A good example is Towers and Pathing to go to let monsters take time to go to those towers)
  • Pathing (Plan Monsters to go to where you want them)
  • The Looters Death Traps (SDT and THDT)
  • High Leveled Champion on Center (well its your choice)

Here are examples of Pathing:

  • Line Pathing (The monsters will move in a straight line, a way to easily eliminate with a Railgun around)
  • Special Anti Range Pathing (A D.A.V.E. with Rockets/ Sabnox will have to move in front of the Target in order to destroy it [Best with ADT because Sabnox/ Rocket D.A.V.E. can't shoot an effective Zafreeti killer down to the ground quickly meaning no Zafreetis with this pathing!])

SDT's/THDT's are basically traps on a pathing to a Silo/Town Hall. Highly effective against looters.

Defensive strategies you should NEVER consider

If you want a good base don't consider these in it:

  • Box Yards (They NEVER defend against PPX's, Bomb-type attacks, and a horde of King Wormzers!) even IF IT IS FULLY FORTIFIED
  • Unfilled Bunkers
  • Low Leveled Champions (Raise it as quick as you can!)
  • Exposed Silos

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