Defending and Uses

The Spurtz Cannon is a powerful defensive tower that can be one of the most valuable assets of any yard.

The Spurtz Cannon is great at delaying monsters. Any monsters currently being attacked by the Spurtz Cannon will be frozen in place, as they can not move whilst they fight the horde of Spurtz attacking them. This means that the monsters are stuck attacking the Spurtz whilst other towers have more time to damage them. Additionally, other buildings take less damage because the monsters are occupied with attacking the Spurtz.

Even when by itself, the Spurtz Cannon can be extremely effective. It is excellent with dealing with hordes of weak monsters (Pokey, Bolt, and Ironically, Spurtz), and low numbers of stronger monsters, even being capable of defeating a Level 6 D.A.V.E. with level 3 Rockets. Still, it can kill a Level 6 Drull.

Because of all of these reasons, it is recommended that you protect the Spurtz Cannon by placing it in guarded areas where it can assist other towers. If possible, place it within the range of an Aerial Defense Tower so that they can protect each other.

Whilst it isn't an extremely high priority, Spurtz Cannons shouldn't be Cataprone. You can prevent them being catapulted by placing them near Silos

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