Consider Spurtz as a tougher Pokey. He has very similar stats, and is often thought to be Pokey's "older brother". Thus, use the same tactics you would use with a Pokey with Spurtz, such as using a horde overwhelm Sniper Towers or simply use the Pokey Bomb tactic with Spurtz. Also, Zagnoid works very well with Spurtz, like Octo-ooze does with Pokey, as Zagnoid takes the hits and Spurtz delivers them. Spurtz are also good for distracting a champion, as they are cheap and take up very little housing. Another good point that Spurtz and Pokey share is they can be sent in to check what monster is in a Bunker, or to minesweep. If you have enough housing but little Goo and a fair amount of Magma, using Spurtz instead of Pokey is a better option considering his higher stats and low cost. Also, since Spurtz is healthier than Pokey, it can survive on Sniper Towers even one hit. And it takes 2 hits for a Sniper Tower to kill Spurtz.

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