The Sniper Tower is pretty good if you use it right. Put a high leveled Sniper, say a level 6 or 7 Sniper, next to your Town Hall with a mixture of Cannon Towers, Laser Towers and Railguns at the side. It makes a good defense for both your Sniper and your Town Hall, but mainly it's to protect your Town Hall. They can shoot both land and air monsters, so you can put them beside ATDs if necessary. Sniper Towers make good distractions in some cases. If that is the case, put them in wide areas. It is best also not to put them in clumped-up groups with other towers so that people do not use Pebbles in their Catapults to destroy your defenses. Also, if your yard is a locked-down type, put Snipers in the corners of your yard.

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