A server is named after whoever is located on the 0x0 spot. Anyone can be located at 0x0. The People at the 0x0 location are NOT Kixeye staff. They are normal players like you and me. Sometimes people from Kixeye Staff may be on the 0x0 spot, but most likely they earned it themselves, instead of just hacking the game to get it.


  • Aaron Server
  • Akumu Server
  • Ammar Server
  • Amy Server
  • Anbela Server
  • Anthony Server (Former Bhosz Server)
  • Bhoszx Server
  • Blank Server (Former Heath Server)
  • Darkus Server
  • Deepa N Server
  • Deepa Server
  • Dominic Server (used to be Thegods Server)
  • Dongjin Server
  • Gemma Server
  • Heng Server
  • Jing Server
  • Jinx Server
  • John Marco Server
  • June Delle Server
  • Kell Server
  • Lorena Server
  • Loh Server
  • Lvl 41 Dreadnaut Server
  • Mata Server
  • Meer Server
  • Mitchell Server
  • Nick Server
  • Nicko Server
  • Niñalga Server
  • Painkiller Server
  • Panzer Server
  • Phire Server
  • Pinoy Server
  • Ray Server
  • Reid Server?
  • Rich Server? (This is a KIXEYE employee, KIXEYE Q Rich on the forum)
  • Swaggs Server
  • Tan Server
  • Tiago Server
  • Vu Anh Server
  • Yi Xian Server
  • Yoo Server

...And many other servers.

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