• Sabnox can be combined with its Inferno partner, Zagnoid, which also attacks defense towers.
  • Since Sabnoxes have low health, and a slower traveling speed than Zagnoid, the Zagnoid in front would take the damage while the Sabnoxes behind destroys the defense towers.
  • Sabnox is the Project X of the Inferno, which means that 10M Putty Raging Sabnoxes could destroy every tower in the yard.
  • Sabnox is best used to first destroy defensive towers with Zafreeti, then send other monsters to loot.
  • Sabnox can outrange most of the defensive towers, making it very useful.
  • Sabnox is somehow useful in Monster Bunkers. It can also attack Air Monsters just like D.A.V.E. with Rockets and Eye-ra with Airbursts.

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