Locker level N/A
Favorite target Dead monsters / Defensive Towers
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air no
Special ability Reanimation

''This mighty monster can bring fellow monsters back from the dead at will, making Rezghul the perfect addition to any Backyard Barrage''

General information

Rezghul is the first-ever monster to be exclusively unlocked through an event (excluding champion and inferno monsters) and the first exclusive to Map Room 3. It is unlocked by attacking Moloch's yards in Hell-Raisers. Rezghul reanimates your monsters after they die but will not reanimate enemy monsters. So Rezghul is most useful on attacks where you expect to take heavy casualties. Rezghul cannot be placed in a monster bunker. Rezghul is supposedly a ground monster but it hovers just above the ground (much lower than Balthazar).

Rezghul reanimates and attacks at a distance. Its range at level 2 appears to be slightly less than a level 6 DAVE. It will reanimate all dead monsters before attacking. When a monster is reanimated, it loses any targeting instincts it had in it's normal stage and will attack anything. For example, a reanimated Bolt will go after whatever is closest instead of harvestors and silos. Reanimated monsters seem to retain their abilities: reanimated DAVEs can still use rockets and reanimated Slimeattikus still splits when shot. Flying monsters cannot be reanimated. 

Rezghul can reanimate several monsters at once, even at level 1. A reanimation ball has an area of effect when it lands. All monsters that died close enough to the spot it lands will reanimate. It's unclear how or if higher levels impact Rezghul's reanimation abilities. 

Rezghul is like an inferno monster because it doesn't take damage in inferno yards, but is like an above-ground monster in every other way - it costs goo to hatch, putty to train, and you can't produce him in your Inferno yard.


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Movement Speed 0.8 kph 0.9 kph 1 kph 1.1 kph 1.2 kph 1.3 kph
Health 7,000 7,500 8,000 8,500 9,000 10,000
Damage 700 800 900 1,000 1,100 1,200
Goo cost (Supposedly) 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Goo cost (Map Room 3) 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000
Housing space 250 Spaces 250 Spaces 250 Spaces 250 Spaces 250 Spaces 250 Spaces
Production time (Supposed to be) 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m
Production time (Map Room 3) 3h 45m 3h 45m 3h 45m 3h 45m 3h 45m 3h 45m
Upgrade cost (putty) - 16,000,000 19,000,000 22,000,000 25,000,000 28,000,000
Upgrade time 1d 1d 1d 12h 2d 2d 12h 3d
Attack to housing ratio 2.8 3.2 3.6 4 4.4 4.8
Health to housing ratio 28 30 32 34 36 38



  • It seems to resist healing abilities of Zafreeti. Healing numbers do not show but only a very small percentage is occurring. However this only affect some players.
  • If a Rezghul attack an outpost defender, it'll fire to a far away place.


  • With a 250 housing requirement, Rezghul uses more space than any other monster.
  • When Rezghul attacks a building or enemy monsters, the green balls it uses give out a soft thud. Other monsters attack with a loud roar.
  • Rezghul is the only Inferno Monster that costs Goo for hatching and Putty for Training.
  • It is an event monster that does not change its housing requirements from lv1-6


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