Recycling is a way of permantly destroying your own building in return for half the resources used in it's construction and subsiquent upgrades. It is accessable from the "More..." button after clicking on a building.

Recycle2 WARNING: After Recycling a building, you must start from the beginning with it's upgrades if you decide to rebuild the building.

Eligible Buildings

A building can be recycled when it is not being upgraded and is not researching something (Monster Lab, Monster Academy and Monster Locker) and is empty (like Housing, Champion Cage and Compound).

There are currently only four buildings that cannot be recycled-Town hall, Under hall, Outpost, and Stronghold.

What buildings to recycle/not recycle

It's generally not recommended to recycle any buildings. However, it can be useful to recycle certain buildings in right situation.

Buildings to recycle:

  • level 2+ Fortified Storage Silos (reason: with fortification silos become stronger, making catapulting buildings between or behind silos work without destroying the silos),
  • Map Room (only when you are switching servers).

It is recommended NOT to recycle any other buildings. You can use general buildings for a NEC (A circle made of general buildings around your base).


  • Recycle can only get back half of the resources that is used to upgrade or build the building.
  • You can never recycle your town hall, it is impossible

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