A quake tower is sometimes even more powerful than laser, or rail gun. It is recommended to put ranged towers, as it's range is similar to the cannon tower. It is best to put it beside silos, because of the damage it does when maxed out.

This tower is probably one of the most important, so putting it beside resource gathers also works as well. Do not waste them by scattering them around the yard randomly or putting them in corners--they will be taken care of immediately.

Because of it's huge reload time, it is also recommended to put some fast reload tower beside it, or even its inferno partner--magma tower


A quake tower is very hard to take care of. If the enemy has ADT beside it, then it will be even harder. It is best to use Rocket DAVE or maybe mobs of crabatron (send in some to trigger the quake tower, then send in another mob to destroy the quake tower while it is loading)

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