1. Inferno base
  2. Pokey level 2 or up
  3. Spurtz level 2 or up
  4. 3 level 3 or up housings
  5. at least one million putty
  6. catapult level 3 or 4
  7. flinger level 2 or up
  8. over 100,000 goo
  9. over 100,000 magma
  10. Formor level 3 and up


  1. make at least 40 pokeys
  2. make at least 20 spurtz
  3. transfer the spurtz to overworld
  4. pick a target on the world map
  5. attack your target
  6. once in their yard fill your flinger to full capacity with pokeys and spurts
  7. fling your pokeys and/or spurtz just outside their yard
  8. repeat step 6 and 7 untill you have no pokeys and/or spurtz left
  9. once you have flung all your pokeys and/or spurts use the putty range on your monsters
  10. it may also help to send in a Formor
  11. watch your pokeys and spurtz go crazy

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