See a list of Outpost Designs. Feel free to copy and add Designs!

NOTE: ALL PICTURES (\/) MUST BE 350px Big. Yard Planner View (pictures) must be 250px big.
Name (of Design) Picture Pros and Cons Yard Planner View
Crowns of Doom
Outpost Design 4

(Buildings incomplete)

Pros:Has a OPDT (Outpost Death Trap), Walk Path to towers is long.

Cons: Pathing easily worn down by an Eye-ra, block levels are low so monsters might not path

Crowns of doom

Will be updated when buildings are completed

The Divine Star
Outpost Design 3

(Buildings incomplete)

Pros: Long walk path to go attack next tower(especially in core), OPDT, NECoRG, Leftover Blocks.

Cons: Badly defended RGs.

Divine Star

Will be updated when buildings are complete

4 Squares, All Dares

4saquares all-dares

Pros:Has a super easy-to-copy design with a "Circle of Death" in the middle.

Cons:Requires a Starter Kit and a few extra buildings.

4squares all-dares YP
The Divine Star 2.0
Divine Star 2.0

Buildings currently incomplete, Teslas should have been ADT's

Pros: Bunkers defended by Teslas, reinforced walk path from Tower to Tower in core, NECoRGs, OPDT.

Cons: (Not that) bad RG defense.

Divine Star 2.0 YP

Currently incomplete in terms of defensive towers

'The 'Divine Star 2.5 (revised version of 2.0)


Pros: [TBA by designer]

Cons: [TBA by designer]

Death in Bloom [TBA]

Pros: [TBA by designer]

Cons: [TBA by designer]



Currently Incomplete (7/5/12)

Pros: Towers cover every side

Cons: Poorly placed booby traps, cataprone ADTs, little to no pathing, baitable bunkers, fail NEC, overprotecting harvesters; basically a bad box yard

Masssacre (yard planner)

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