It is a good idea to build outposts on Abunakki and Legionnaire camps, which are generally not useful wild monsters for farming.

It is possible to purchase a Mega Kit without the use of Shiny when you take over your sixth successive outpost, given the total capacity of both Twigs and Pebbles of all existing resource gathers equals at least 6,000,000, and you have purchased all 10 levels of Improved Packing Skills from the store. This gives your main base a capacity of 38,420,000 plus 2,000,000 per outpost. Fill the bank and have at least 6,000,000 Twigs and Pebbles waiting to be banked. If you have five outposts this makes a total of 48,420,000 plus the 6,000,000+ waiting to be banked. You then take over your sixth outpost leaving you with 44,420,000 in the bank. With the addition of the sixth outpost your total capacity is now 50,420,000. Bank your 6,000,000+ Twigs and Pebbles, giving you enough to start building your Mega Kit. (Altough Because of the Outpost Take-over Cost Changes, Some outposts can be cheap as 500k and some can be as Expensive as 10M+, so the best outposts to take in this situation is 500k outposts)

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