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This article is about the Map Room 2 Outpost, if you were looking for the MR3 Outpost, see Resource Outpost

Town Hall Level Required 6
Maximum Building Levels 1
Building Usage General
Size 6.5 x 6.5 in blocks

General Information

An Outpost is a small version of a Town Hall which can't be upgraded and is used in outposts. It is the most important building in your outpost (yard), because if destroyed, you will lose 5% of each resource. It is also possible to lose control over an outpost when an opponent causes damage to 90% of all of the buildings in the yard around the Outpost building and opts to take it over. Earlier it was possible to conquer the outpost simply by destroying the Outpost building.


Level Prerequisites Damage
Twigs Pebbles Putty
1 250,000 50,000 25,000 4h Outpost 20%
2 500,000 500,000 500,000 16h Outpost 30%
3 2,500,000 2,500,000 1,000,000 2d Outpost 40%
4 5,000,000 5,000,000 2,500,000 4d Outpost 50%

Building and Upgrading

Level HP Repair Time Prerequisites
1 200,000 1hr Map room 2

Building Stages

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Outpost 1 Outpost 1 Damaged Outpost 1 Destroyed


In order to obtain an Outpost, your Map Room must first be level 2. This opens up the World Map. In the World Map, your Flinger must be upgraded to be able to attack the enemy far away. If you want to be able to use your Catapult to fling resources at far away enemies, then you must also upgrade it.

After destroying a Wild Monster Tribe, it is possible to take over the yard for a certain amount of resources (see below). To take over another player's Outpost, it is necessary to destroy all of the health of at least 90% of the buildings in the yard.

Moving your yard

You can move your main yard to one of your outposts by giving up that outpost and paying 30 M of each resource. Your old main yard will then be taken over by a wild monster tribe. You can only relocate your main yard once every 7 Days.

You can also move to another player's outpost. To do this, the player needs to send you an invitation to do this. If accepted, the outpost will be given up and you will need to pay 10 M of each resource. You will also lose all your other outposts and a Wild Monster Tribe will be at the previous location where your base and outposts used to be. In rare cases, they become reserved or blank.


A list of all available outpost buildings and the maximum number of times they can be built.

Maximum amount of buildings in an outpost
Building Maximum amount built
Aerial Defense Tower 2
Block 100
Booby Trap 25
Cannon Tower 4
Flinger 1
Goo Factory 4
Hatchery 2
Hatchery Control Center 1
Heavy Trap 5
Housing 1
Laser Tower 2
Monster Bunker 2
Monster Juicer 1
Pebble Shiner 4
Putty Squisher 4
Railgun 1
Sniper Tower 4
Tesla Tower 2
Twig Snapper 4
Yard Planner 1

Takeover costs

The new takeover costs (as of based on the strength of the outpost. The better the outpost, more updated, more buildings, the higher the cost.

If the outpost is one of the six hexes immediately surrounding your yard, you will receive a 50% discount on taking it over.

Resources (of each) needed for outpost takeover
Outpost Types Lowest Level Mid-Low Level Mid-High Level Highest Level
Legionnaires ( 28) 1,000,000 (32) 3,250,000 (36)5,500,000 (40) 7,750,000
Kozu (33) 3,750,000 (36) 5,500,000 (38) 6,750,000 (42) 9,000,000
Abunakki (30) 2,250,000 (35) 5,000,000 (38) 6, 750,000 (42) 9,000,000
Dreadnaut (33) 1,875,000 to 3,750,000 (36)5,500,000 (41) 4,125,000 to 8,250,000 (43) 9,250,000
Player's Outpost* (No Kit) 1,000,000 (Just Started) (+250,000 resources for each extra building) (Regular Kit) 10,000,000 (+250,000 resources for each extra building) (Mega Kit) 35,000,000 (+250,000 resources for each extra building) (Ultra Kit) 50,000,000 (+250,000 resources for each extra building)

* = Depending on the amount of outpost you have and how far the player have upgraded the outpost, it may cost more on taking over.

At July 20, A picture was taken of a rare occurence. This picture shows the takeover costs of a level 28 legionaires being 500,000.
Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 10.44.28 AM

The picture shows 500K take over cost, This occurs when you are taking your first few outposts.



  • Each Outpost adds to the maximum amount of storage capacity by 2,000,000 of each resource.
  • You can pay full price to build another starter kit, however, this will not refund the other resources and will remove all buildings in that Outpost (apart from Main Building fortifications), replacing them with the buildings from the new starter kit.
  • If there is a building still being constructed in an outpost when you replace it with another started kit, the worker will still be occupied even though the building no longer exists.
  • There used to be a regular starter kit, costing 5M of each Twigs and Pebbles and 2.5M of Putty, but it was replaced with the ultra kit. The current regular kit used to be called large kit.
  • Your Champion can attack any of the shaded Outposts/enemy yards (Map Room level 2). It is not limited to the Flinger range of your own main yard, but additionally the range of the Flinger on any Outposts.
  • The range of your Outpost Flinger is different from the range of your main yard Flinger. At Level 1, the range of your main yard Flinger is 4 hexes, while Outpost is just 1 hex. The range of your Outpost Flinger is the same as the level of that Flinger (e.g. level 1 1 hex level 2 2 hexes, etc.).
  • The sack behind the walls of the Outpost is like the sack of a Storage Silo, but it won't grow bigger if you bank resources.
  • The Outpost and its buildings cannot be recycled. Sometimes construction on outpost buildings can not be stopped.
  • You can help your friend's Outpost construction. However, you must be on the same map as his/hers, or you will not be able to do so.
  • Blocks are the only building that has the same price in your main yard and Outpost.
  • All buildings are cheaper in an Outpost except blocks.
  • The takeover costs of Outposts was changed twice: first on January 21st, 2012, and then again during May 2012. Before all updates, it used to continue to rise by two million resources for each subsequent Outpost with some higher level players using hundreds of millions of each resource merely to acquire a new Outpost or even recapture one taken by another player. After the first update the cost of taking over an Outpost stops rising after the ninth outpost at 10 million for each resource (not true of Google+). After the second update, the resource cost would rise more gradually until a cap of 50 million (200 Outposts).
  • In Kongregate, the cost of an outposts increased as the number of Outposts you control increases. e.g.: 1st OP 100000+, 2nd OP 300000+, etc.
  • If a player deletes BYM or recycles their Map Room, then they will disappear from the map and the hexes under their control will become occupied by Wild Monsters. In rare cases, the hex becomes blank (e.g. Leader of a server).
  • It is said that there will be a Inferno-based Outpost, speculating there may be a World Map in Inferno coming soon. It is however, currently used only by Moloch inside his outposts during the invasion to get an Inferno Yard, and there are three levels unlike the ones at Overworld, which there is only one level. The name is not confirmed as of yet.
  • The resource gatherers on an Outpost are at autobank which, automatically banks every 10 seconds.
  • Regular Kit
  • Mega Kit
  • Ultra Kit



A video of the new leak out OP for map room v3

- The new 'tesla' outpost in upcoming map room v3 (under testing and examining.


  • Outposts are like big Storage Silos.
  • Big Fix - Improved lag/slowdown when loading large numbers of outposts.
  • Little Fix - Overview bar in outposts no longer has a gap between it and the edge of the screen.
  • You can now chose to move your main yard to any outpost you own! Just click on the outpost and select "Move Yard Here" You can pay with either resources or shiny.
  • When taking over a yard you now have the option of using shiny as well as the old way of using resources.
  • Outpost Starter Kits - Now are designed so you don't have to move a lot of things to improve their defenses, we also added and upgraded a few buildings to make them even better. For convenience you can buy them with shiny or use 100% resources or a combo of both.
  • Starter Kits Anytime - You can now purchase starter kits in outposts, even if buildings already exist on the outpost. Previously, starter kits could only be purchased on a completely empty outpost.
  • Recycling outposts has been disabled.
  • Kixeye saw a big jump in the activity and were concerned that it was putting people off developing larger outposts with the fear of losing everything.
  • Now if you lose an outpost you have something to fight for, not an empty patch.
  • Takeover costs are now 2M for the first 5 outposts then the cost increases by 2M per outpost owned (your capacity increases by 2M with each outpost you take so it never costs more resources than you can hold).
  • Fortifications for Outposts (can fortify outpost building itself, plus towers).
  • Added Ultra Starter Kit for Outposts, with fortifications, air defense towers, and black diamond walls.
  • If you have multiple outposts you can now cycle through them (icon next to your outpost count).
  • Using the "Next Outpost" button will no longer take you out of fullscreen mode.
  • The takeover cost for outposts caps out at 10 million resources each now.
  • Duplicate Player Yards no longer will appear on the Map without Outpost Defenders or on top of hexes where Outposts should be.

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