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The Next Generation Yard Planner (NGYP) is an unofficial yard planner program which allows you to pre-plan a yard then save it.

The NGYP is a web applet that many experienced players use to experiment with yard designs and create images for guides. It is a useful tool because it does not require the player to abandon his/her current yard to try out new layout ideas. The graphics are simple, and the design is old(it hasn't been updated in months), but that does not mean it is useless. Many users of the Planner substitute buildings of the same sive as a workaround. Also there is a limited amount of space, you would not be able to drag around the screen.


A updated version recently got released!

Next Generation Yard Planner v2


  • Added additional buildings missing from the original (made before they were released).
  • Added labels for buildings (can be turned off).
  • Added heavy trap (and made both traps circles as in the YP).
  • Changed block to black (purely cosmetic).
  • Added counters for blocks and traps.
  • Added a grid on/off option (might be useful prior to taking an image for STY).
  • Load your own background! explained
  • Multiple saves!! Just enter a name to save/load. (These are saved locally, it's not a way to share designs unfortunately.) Saves before the prompt are called "data".Only 2 save slots are available, although D.A.V.E. club members have 10.
  • Added [draggable] options panel (click on the cog icon).
  • Added options to scale and alter transparency of background image. (Only tested in Chrome.)
  • "Fixed" trashing of original (top) items - I've disabled the trashing option completely until you drop the item first.
  • Fixed small issue with loading of background image.
  • Added Tower Ranges!!! They are not perfect but they should work. Notes

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