" Mystery Shipments Contain Resources Your Friends Can Use. "

General Information

Better to Gift

Mystery Shipments are free gifts you can send to your friends which contains Twigs, Pebbles, Putty or Goo (or Bones, Coal, Sulfur, or Magma if opened in Inferno). One can only receive one Mystery Shipment every 24 hours, and each can contain anywhere from 2% to 12.5% of the total capacity in any single resource. You can gift Mystery Shipments to people by pressing the red present on the left side of the screen. Valgos is shown on the Mystery Shipment screen.


  • Mystery sacks which you gift to friends have a 1 in 4 chance of containing Goo! (before it was only twigs, pebbles or putty).
  • Gifts now go into a gift box on the left of the screen when you accept them as do offline notifications like "Your Town Hall upgraded to level 4" and "Your friends helped you", if you are online when they happen they pop up as normal.
  • The "Send Mystery Shipments" Pop-up can now be closed without refreshing.


Screen Shot 2012-05-04 at 4.21.09 PM

Valgos, shown with some Mystery Shipments in the free gift menu.

  • If you reload (refresh) the game or click "Play" before it has saved, you can change the gift you got (e.g. the first time you go on, you recieve 2,000,000 Twigs, but you realize that you were maxed out on Twigs. So you reload the page before it gets saved - and when it loads again, you may recieve 2,000,000 Pebbles instead).
  • If you open a mystery shipment in the Overworld, you will get either Pebbles, Twigs, Putty or Goo. If you open a mystery shipment in the Inferno, you will get either Coal, Bones, Sulfur or Magma.
  • If you sent your friend a gift you'll recieve 100,000 Experience Points.

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