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Moloch's Minions

Moloch's Minions

"you will never survive down here!"

Moloch's Minions, of the Moloch Tribe, are similar to the Wild Monster Tribes in the overworld. The only difference is that there are at least 7 of them, instead of only 4

They level up either when you level up or when you destroy their Under Hall. They will sometimes attack you, even when you are in damage protection - so be prepared! When they attack, their main monsters (used) are Spurtz, Zagnoid, Malphus and Valgos as you get to higher levels in you're inferno


  • You can only defeat each of Moloch's Yards once.
  • Once you kill all the monsters in the compound, they will stop producing more.
  • The Yard is not destroyed unless you destroy the Under Hall. If it is not destroyed within the 24 hours time frame, it will regenerate back to its full health like any other Tribe's yard.
  • Nothing happens after you defeat the last of Moloch's Minions, so no rush to defeat them all.

What you can expect from a full take down of Moloch's Yard:

Level Compound Bone Coal Sulfur Magma
11 Yes 7K 8K 7K 4K
12 Yes 13K 13K 13K 10K
13 Yes 16K 16K 16K 14K
15 Yes 27K 27K 27K 24K
19 Yes-NM
21 Yes-NM
22 Yes


26 Yes
27 Yes

Yes - NM

50K 43K 45K 31K
28 Yes 307K 305K 306K 269K

NM = No Monsters

Numbers I got below (For Kong), don't really match up with someone's above (FB), and seem very odd.

Filling it out in notepad, will upload periodically.

Level Compound Bone Coal Sulfur Magma
11 Yes
12 Yes
13 Yes
15 Yes 74K 74K 74K 67K
19 Yes 28K 15K 27K 22K

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