A job09

aka Nate

  • I live in Aspertia City
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is keeping all the wikis at Wikia clean
  • I am a Pokemon Trainer.

My Welcome Edit

Hi there! I am A_job09, an user and a rollbacker at this wiki.

I clean up pages, and also reply what you said to my message wall and to other's message wall.If you need some help, contact me using my message wall because, I AM SERIOUS ABOUT MESSAGE WALLS!!!

Don't forget, I can be offline for a while. But don't worry, keep messaging me. I will reply back.

If you want to visit my pages that I created, go here:

I am also going to the Wiki Activity to see some vandalism. And if I found some vandalism, I will report it.

I will stay this wiki alive. Also all of you visiting this special page, don't forget to stay this wiki alive! DON'T START FLAME WARS!!!!!!

Have a nice day!

A_job09 is at your service! 05:03, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

My current status Edit

My current status is "PARTIALLY ACTIVE". Due to my notices, that's why that I am Partially Active. (Please read my Notices below)


4 champions

"Welcome!" said all the champion monsters to you.

1. I'm only online on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. I'm not online on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday, message Kevin or V.2.0.0b instead. (Inactive)

2.My computer might slow down and I might be offline because there's a lot of tropical storms and LPA (Low Pressure Area) to my country. (Partially Active)`

3. I will be offline sometimes because my classes on school start. (Please read Notice 1 because that was my schedule. And also, there will be holidays on a month and I can be still online there.(Because, if it's now a holiday, there's no classes on school.)) (Inactive)

4. I can now be online now always starting at March 26! Because, it is now Summer! (This is only available March 26 - June ?? on the Year of 2013.) (Active)

5. I can be offline sometimes because I am playing BYM (and also other games) (45% chance).


Hi there guys! Feel free to post to my message wall! but, please understood these rules:

1. No spamming

2. be polite


If you don't understood my rules, my Togepi will be Evil and will do something bad to you.... Obey him.....


If you understood my rules, my Togepi will be good and will be happy.

3. READ: I AM NOT KIXEYE STAFF! Translations:



..... will be finding more languages.....

4. No aruging

5. If you gonna report a hacker or a bug, please do it here:

6. If you like some new features you think, please do it here:

7. If you gonna report a vandalizer here at the wiki, please use this report page:


If you don't understand these rules, Spurtz will destroy you.

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