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The Marilyn Monstroe


Marilyn Monstroe

" Marilyn Monstroe uses her feminine wiles to attract defending monsters, including those housed in bunkers. Then she delivers a kiss of death in the form of a massive explosion. "

General Information

Marilyn Monstroe is one of the 3 Chaos weapons which are unlocked and upgraded using the Chaos Lab and are built using the Chaos Factory.

Marilyn Monstroe looks like a dummy attached to a barrel of TNT. This weapon is able to attract defending monsters (bunkered monsters and champions), who are in the attraction range. After its timer runs out, it will detonate and damage/kill the attracted monsters.

WARNING! If any friendly monsters happen to be within range of its blast, they will be damaged or killed too. All buildings apply too.(including blocks and traps)


Level Damage Attraction Range Countdown Cost Upgrading Time Required Under Hall level
Bones Coal Sulfur
1 1,000 250 10s 37,599 43,866 43,866 4h 1
2 1,500 270 11s 72,169 84,198 84,198 5h 15m 1
3 2,500 290 12s 138,513 161,598 161,598 7h 1
4 3,500 310 12s 265,769 310,064 310,064 10h 1
5 4,500 320 14s 509,415 594,318 594,318 15h 30m 1
6 6,500 350 15s 972,778 1,134,907 1,134,907 1d 1
7 9,000 380 17s 1,833,130 2,138,651 2,138,651 2d 12h 1
8 12,500 410 18s 3,309,676 3,861,289 3,861,289 3d 12h 1
9 17,000 440 19s 5,369,777 6,264,740 6,264,740 4d 1
10 23,500 480 21s 7,386,672 8,617,784 8,617,784 4d 12h 1


  • Marilyn Monstroe is a reference to the American actress, model, and singer Marilyn Monroe.
  • Marilyn Monstroe's fuse lights once the countdown reaches 2 seconds.
  • The Marilyn Monstroe is able to be placed between buildings (even if there is no space between them in the Yard Planner).
  • Monsters that are attracted to her have floating hearts over their heads.
  • Marilyn Monstroe Lvl 10 can kill any monster, even a Fully leveled D.A.V.E, but cannot kill most champions.
  • Unlike Eye-ra, Marilyn Monstroe's explosion can loot.
  • Sometimes, when you speed up the process of unlocking Marilyn Monstroe, an error occurs and the Marilyn Monstroe fails to be sped up.
  • Marilyn Monstroe destroys any trap around her explosion, making her a useful minesweeper.


  • Since Mariliyn Monstroe can also damage your monsters, deploy your Marilyn Monstroe first, fling it far away from your monsters, or make sure you don't care about the monsters she'll affect.
  • Champions can also be baited by it. While it may not kill them, it will at least take a chunk out of their health, making them easier to finish off.

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