Malphus can jump over walls so they are a bit tricky, and their high speed reinforces that fact. One disadvantage of Malphus is their low health, and moderate damage - a key to defending from them.
  • If you want to kill them quickly you have to put Laser Towers, Tesla Towers or another tower with high damage close to your Harvesters or Storage Silo. If you can afford it, Railguns are effective as well considering their high damage and fairly long range.
  • Booby Traps placed behind the walls could devastate a wave of Malphus. (If not killed, place Booby Traps inside the Silo/Pod or Town/Under Hall.)
  • Since Malphus jumps over blocks, they are not affected by pathing.
  • Bunkered monsters, such as Rocket D.A.V.E's or Fomor are an excellent way of defending Silos from Malphus.

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