Loot-O-Tron 5000

Vacuum hose that will literally suck your enemy's resources from their Town Hall

" Using patented hyper-vacuum technology,the Loot-o-Tron 5000 latches on to enemy Town Halls and and sucks the resources right out of them. "

General Information

The Loot-o-Tron 5000 is one of the 3 Chaos weapons which are unlocked and upgraded using the Chaos Lab and are built using the Chaos Factory.
Loot o tron

Loot-o-tron 5000

When you use it, a huge vacuum cleaner hose will apear above the enemy's Town Hall and will suck recources out of it. It cannot get hit by ground-based towers like Cannon Towers, Railguns, Quake Towers or Laser Towers, but it is vulnerable to Tesla Towers, Sniper Towers, and Aerial Defense Towers as they are able to attack air, especially with ADTs that can literally cease function towards any Loot-o-Trons in a matter of minutes if they are not destroyed and within range.

The amount of resources that are sucked out are based on the amount of resources that the enemy has stored, and by the level of the Loot-o-Tron 5000. As this Chaos Weapon is designed for stealing resources, it does no damage to anything at all.

If the Town Hall has 50% or less health remaining, the deployed Loot-O-Tron will not loot anything. Should the Town Hall be destroyed, if Loot-O-Tron is not deployed, the button will disappear from view.


Level Loot Rate Durability Duration Cost Upgrading Time Required Under Hall level
Bones Coal Sulfur
1 25,000 6,000 30s 36,525 35,451 35,451 2h 2
2 38,153 7,200 35s 72,856 70,713 70,713 3h 15m 2
3 58,225 7,800 40s 145,311 141,038 141,038 5h 15m 3
4 88,856 9,400 45s 289,715 281,194 281,194 8h 3
5 135,604 10,300 50s 576,767 559,803 559,803 13h 45m 3
6 206,945 11,200 1m 1,141,625 1,108,047 1,108,047 1d 4
7 292,002 14,600 1m 5s 2,211,351 2,146,311 2,146,311 3d 4
8 380,324 20,500 1m 10s 3,995,477 3,877,963 3,877,963 4d 12h 5
9 495,361 29,000 1m 20s 6,194,145 6,011,964 6,011,964 5d 12h 5
10 593,977 44,200 1m 25s 7,981,712 7,746,956 7,746,956 5d 12h 6


  • The Loot-o-Tron is the only thing that can attack a multi-resource producer in a resource Outpost.
  • A maxed ADT can instantly destroy a Level 1 Loot-O-Tron before it loots anything.
  • (Bug)In map room 3, when you deploy a loot-o-tron 5000,all the vorgs will start launching worthless heal bolls on the loot o tron 5000and will start healing monsters/champions once the loot-o-tron is either destroyed or runs out of time.
  • (Tested) The above bugs with vorgs and zafreetis only show up if your loot-o-tron 5000 is damaged.if it is not damaged the healers will function normally.

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