Attacking with Krallen

Krallen attacks in the following order:

Harvesters/Silos /Town Hall /Outpost ------> Towers ------> General Buildings (including Monster Bunker)

So it's best to send in monsters with high health (like: Gorgo40px-Gorgo 6, KorathKorath L6, D.A.V.E.s basically monsters to stall the defensive towers while Krallen Attacks). Krallen has really low attack so he will take some time to destroy a building.

Alway remember to bring monsters that target anything so they can target towers and help Krallen loot also.

Defending from Krallen

He isn't much of a threat, but an easy way to rid of him is an NECoRG/Death Traps. Always remember that Krallen is a looter. So that to your advantage, and make something that stalls them.

This champion doesn't fight well against Balthazars40px-Balthazar, Banditos40px-Bandito, and D.A.V.E Rockets! -D.A.V.E.s, so use them in the Monster Bunker.


He is a back-up and support champion, so use him for looting. Also, to make the champion safe, let tanks take the damage and/or D.A.V.E.s which has a lot of health or even Grokus due to its massive amounts of health as support for Krallen to destroy resource buildings. Never let him deal with Monster Bunkers. Due to its low damage, he has to take a lot of time to destroy a high level building on its own. This changes in WMv3, because you can easily send Krallen and a bunch of Zafreeti to a lvl 5 OP defender to heal him up.

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