Gorgo 6

Champion: Gorgo Level 6

Hi im Jimmy C and this is my guide to Attacking and Defence in Backyard Monsters


Good Defence is vital in Backyard Monsters the better your Defence the less people will attack you and you will kill more of there army (monsters).

One of The most efficient but pricey yard is the tunnel and tower (my own mixture of two) to do this you need to funnel monsters through walls with booby traps inside you will find single strategie this in the wiki.Also you need high level tower at the end of the funnel but leaving a 3 cm large gap otherwise monsters wont go there and will weaken your defence. The best Champion Monster to defend is Gorgo (in this photo above ). But you will need to keep buying your booby traps and it would pay off to have heavy booby traps.



One attack for newbies is a high health low health kind of attack. What i mean is For your first wave of monsters use high health monsters , such as Octo ooze and Ichi. Then send in low health mons'''''ters such as Pokey and Bolt to get the Recources from the yard.

Also Drull (in this photo below) would come in helpful due high damage so can easily destroy towers and high level walls other monsters struggle with.

Drull 6

Champion: Drull Level 6

So there you go folks my attack and defence strategies for Backyard Monsters i will upload more help for backyard monsters every week or two.

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