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Basic Information

More details of how to obtain the expansion yard can be found at Inferno Cavern

Upon destroying the last of Moloch's main yard, you will gain access to a yard of your own inside Inferno, adding on with one red, grumpy worker.


Example of an Inferno Base

The Inferno Yard sports similarities towards the Overworld yard, with the exceptions of the barren brown stones instead of the lush, green grass as your grounds. Resources here are the counterparts of the ones at overworld (Bones is the counterpart of Twig, for example). Similarly, several buildings have similar functions, like the Pod acting like a Silo, whereas there are a few buildings that functions as more than one (Compound functions as all three HousingMonster Bunker and Flinger).


The following buildings can only be built inside Inferno Yard, with exceptions of Magma Tower and Quake Tower.

Building's Name Maximum number of times they can be build (With level 6 Under Hall) Minimum Under Hall level
Bone Cruncher 6 1
Coal Extractor 6 1
Sulfur Swirler 6 1
Magma Pump 6 1
Resource Pod 5 1
Magma Tower 3 3
Quake Tower 4 3
Sharpshooter 6 1
Blast Tower 6 1
Block (Inferno) 220 2
Booby Trap (Inferno) 35 2
Infernal Academy 2 3
Compound 1 1
Incubator 5 1
Strongbox 1 1


The following can only be built on the Overworld Yard, but requires the resources here.



Maximum number of times they can be built (with level 6 Under Hall) Minimum Under Hall level required
Chaos Lab 1 1
Chaos Factory 1 1
Magma Tower 2 1
Quake Tower 4 1


  • You cannot get more than one Worker at the moment.

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