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Hello users I have read the page of a_job09 entitled: "Sigh, what happened to this wiki?!" and that gave me courage to create a base design that looks alike the Triple Sided Base but this base that i have created is much more easy to do, you don't have to expand or build inferno defense!!! but in order to create this base you must have level 10 to 15 Resource Outposts. Level 20 is alright because this base is design for mid level like level 28-33 (not recommended if you are very strong). The reason why you need a lot of resource outpost because in this design you will just need 12 resources (4 each).

Recuirements: Town hall level 6, 2 Rail Guns, 6 Sniper Towers(any level), 6 Cannon Tower(any level), 3 Tesla Tower(any level),3 Laser Tower(any level),2 Monster Bunker,Storage Silos 5 of them(any level),216 walls,all of the booby traps(including heavy traps)

Steps: First you need to build it just like the original triple sided base, Town Hall in the middle put walls around it and put the silos. Then, put the primary defense. And the secondary defense with the resources Pebble Shiner in one side then Twig Snapper on the other or vice versa.

well look at the next triple sided base lower version on the part 2 for more updates... hope you like it :)

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