Select Your Champion
First after you build a Champion Cage it is highly reccomended to build a Champion Chamber afterwitch you can select one Champion and then freeze him in the Champion Chamber,keep doing this until you have Drull , Gorgo and Fomor.

Unlocking the right monsters

Now you have to unlock the right Monsters if you plan on raising all three Champion Monsters

Monsters to unlock:Pokey to Crabatron.

NOTE:Only unlock Eye-ra,Project X,Zafreeti,Teratorn,Wormzer,and D.A.V.E if you want them because they are not used to feed any of the champions.

Having all three champions

Now you have to thaw one Champion and raise him to Level 6 Bonus 3 then freeze him and thaw a different one,keep doing this until all your Champions are Level 6 Bonus 3.

The right champion out

Now choose the Champion you want out and keep him there.(It is recommened you put your Champion Cage near your Town hall or at the center of you yard for maximum protection.)

Thats about it.

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