Level 1 D.a.v.eX10

Level 1 D.a.v.esX10

Level 3


10 Ichis, Level 3 Fomor


Fling in the monsters.

Level 4


20 Ichis, Level 3 Fomor

Fling in the monsters (make Ichis because Fomor needs the help).

Level 5


A few Ichis with a level 2+ Fomor and some Finks or Brains to speed up the attack.


Send in Ichis and Fomor to attack the towers. Wait about 5 seconds, then send in everything else.

Level 6

Monsters: 25+ Ichis with a level 3 Fomor and again Finks or Brains to speed up the attack

The easiest way to go.

If your Gorgo or Drull is still lvl 1, you can use him to attack. If he dies just put him in the Monster Juicer and hatch a new one.

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