• While placing your Housing into your yard, keep it between your outer defenses and your Resource Harvesters, Silos, and Town Hall ranged towers. The building has no resources to loot, but if destroyed, the monsters in it die, wasting your Goo. (Map Room 3 Does not kill monsters anymore; However healing costs are present and at half of the monsters health)
  • If you want a champ at first your Housing is good to go. At level 3 all champs need more than 2 level 3 housing, which is all you have until Town Hall level 5.
  • To save your Goo from attackers, fill up your Housing with Pokeys, then fill up your Hatcheries with high cost monsters like D.A.V.E or Zafreeti. When the Hatcheries are destroyed, the production is put on hold, but the Goo is not lost.
  • A great , not common used Idea is to keep your housings apart, that way the monsters have a hard time destroying all of them , keeping some of your goo safe from attackers!

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