• The Hatchery Control Center, once built, will not allow you to view each individual Hatchery by itself but with its own individual queue.
  • The Hatchery Control Center will be able to be opened with any of the other Hatcheries.
  • The Hatchery Control Center itself does not count as a Hatchery and will not hatch monsters.
  • One Hatchery Control Center will hold up to 7 queues, each holding up to 20 monsters as opposed to 5 level 3 Hatcheries, each holding up to 4 queues of 20 monsters.
  • The Hatchery Control Center shows the amount of Goo you have, what each Hatchery is making, the number of housing space that is currently used up, and the number of housing space that will be used up if all the monsters in the queues were created.
  • The Hatchery Control Center is a great way to mass-produce monsters efficiently, since the queues will automatically go to the next available Hatchery instead of players having to manually go through each Hatchery.
  • The Hatchery Control Center can be used for an NEC (never-ending chain).

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