These are the forum guidelines for the forums. You must follow them, or you will be warned, and possibly banned.

Note: Community Guidelines apply here also.


  • Do not advertise in any way, even if it's related to Backyard Monsters.
  • Do not remove and edit content unless it's yours, fixing a spelling error, and removing vandalism.
  • Do not violate pages in any way (removing content, inserting gibberish etc.): it's not funny and will lead to your user account or IP to be blocked without prior warning!
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not use offensive language, if you really have to, censor it.
  • Do not cheat through achievements.


  • If you make a post, sign your comment with "~~~~", this will automatically be replaced with your signature upon publishing of your post.

More Rules and Guidlines to come~

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