The glass cannon of Backyard Monsters, a single Fink can do a whopping 520 damage to its unfortunate target when fully upgraded. However, its health is extremely low: 200 hp per 20 housing, which is even worse than the lowly Pokey's 220 at level 2. As a result, basically any form of damage to Finks results in them popping like overripe tomatoes. No monster should be sent unsupported into battle, especially Finks. Towers should be kept firing on other monsters while Fink chow down on other structures in the background or even the tower itself.

Use this monster as an attacker until you unlock Fang.

Fangs are a more expensive alternative to Finks. While possessing the same speed and health housing for housing for 2 Fangs to 3 Finks, the Finks do a great 1560 fully upgraded, while the Fangs do a slightly better 1600 fully upgraded. Fangs, though, take longer to make and take over 6 times as much goo. Try to get Fink's Claws upgrade (can attack multiple targets) completed via the Monster Lab. If you are going to use Finks at all past the early levels, be aware that Booby Traps will kill them!


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