A THDT/SDT (Town Hall Death Trap/Silo Death Trap) is the placement of Town Halls and Silos protected with blocks with opening/s filled with traps followed by a path. It is your decision if you want to make this but it is highly recommended to make death traps if you want a good base.

There are examples of THDT/SDT in Slideshow.

Note: Post tested ones only

Try making one here so you can save time:

A good THDT/SDT requires:

- Town Hall
- Silos
- Traps
- Aerial Defense Towers (If you don't have any, skip this) - Two space hallways
- Decent pathing: not too short, not too long. If the pathing is too long, monsters will just chew through it.
- No openings (see below for details)
- Symmetry

Note: One-space hallways will not work unless it's very short, but a short death trap is a bad death trap. It is recommended to have two space hallways so it works. Make sure you don't have too much curves or monsters will just chew through the blocks, ruining the death trap.

1. THDT (Town Hall Death Trap)

Traps that lead to the Town Hall.

2. SDT (Silo Death Trap)

Traps between Silos, making monsters step on traps every time they move to another Silo. Try to make the monsters path and get as many Silos as possible before reaching your Town Hall.

3. TDT (Tower Death Trap)

A path that leads tanks to towers and killing them.



How to Test

Make it in your yard, and test it with resource buildings. Move your defenses to the side and freeze your champ. Remove the traps. Summon some monsters with the Wild Monster Baiter and see if it works or not. This is the best way to see if your death trap works.

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