A base in damage protection (Map room 2 only)

Damage protection (DP) is a protection from all types of attacks (Player and Wild monster). This is removed if you attack anyone. Town Halls and Outposts have different damage protection due to their size. You can also purchase Damage protection with Shiny in the Combat tab in store. In Map Room 1 when a person is in damage protection, it is stated in text. In Map Room 2, a grey shield on the base represents a base in damage protection. In Map Room 3, it is like the same to Map Room 2, but a little bit larger shield on Map Room 3. Wild Monster Tribes/outposts do not get damage protection but repairs within a certain time.

Damage Protection Rules

Town Hall

Map room Level Time When Occured Other effects
1 + 2 7d When you first start the game -
1 + 2 1h 4 Attacks in 1 hour -
1 + 2 18h 25%~50% Total Damage -
1 + 2 36h 50% or more Total Damage -
1 2d 10 Attacks in 24h or less Attacker removed from map until defender attacks back


Time When Occured Other effects

Newly Captured outpost

8h 25%- Total Damage in 2-3 attacks, instant DP on third attack. -

Dp is first hit when the OP reaches 25% damage. Until then you can attack as many times as you want.

(This is how to take out ADTs/bunkers)

Map room Level Time When Occured Other effects
2 1h 2 Attacks in 1 hour -
2 12h 90% damage -

Purchasing Damage Protection

Image Name Description Cost Cooldown
Daily protection Daily Protection Gives you 24 hours protection from Player and Wild Monster attacks. Removed if you attack anyone. 32 5d
Weekly Protection Weekly Protection Gives you 7 days of protection Player and Wild Monster attacks. Removed if you attack anyone. 250 14d
Ultimate Protection Ultimate Protection Gives you 28 days of protection Player and Wild Monster attacks. Removed if you attack anyone. 1,100 28d


  • Wild Monsters will not trigger DP, even if their monsters completely destroys your yard. However, if another player attacks just as soon as the wild monster ended their attack, it may trigger DP.
  • Contrary to belief, Blocks and Traps are not counted as part of the buildings, and does not contribute to total damage dealt.
  • If you attack a NPC on MR level 1 under DP, you will not lose DP. This does not apply to MR level 2 and 3.
  • The damage protection was broken on the 22nd and was giving people protection before they should get it. This is now fixed.
  • Damage Protection on main yards is now triggered at 50 and 75% damage instead of 25 and 50%.

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