Its whopping health means it can spend time chewing on distracting buildings while withstanding the damage. When D.A.V.E. unlocks his ability, Rockets, it becomes a range monster that can shoot flying monsters and buildings up to 220 spaces away from him (Rocket technology is gained from training it in the Monster Lab). Its rockets are effective against short ranged defensive towers such as the Laser Tower. In the early days of BYM, it was possible to destroy nearly any yard with 5 daves and 20 ichi's.

  • The first effective way of using Rocket D.A.V.E.s is to make 3 Zafreeti, 40 Ichis, 6 D.A.V.E.s and about 5-10 Octo-oozes. Attack the yard. Put an Octo-ooze near the Monster Bunker to see which monsters are in the Monster Bunker. Note that if the enemy doesn't have Monster Bunkers, the Octo-ooze is not necessary. If there are Eye-ras, send in Octo-oozes one at a time until all of the Eye-ras are gone. Send one D.A.V.E and Zafreeti to distract the victim's champion (multiple Zafreetis if the champion is Drull; also depends what level your Zafreetis are). Send in all your D.A.V.E.s near the D.A.V.E. which you had used to distract the victim's champion. Send the Ichis and one Zafreeti in the other end of the yard. Zafreetis have a higher chance of flocking together and forgetting to protect all monsters, hence it is better to put Zafreetis in different areas. Go back to your D.A.V.E.s and check if the Zafreeti is still alive. Send in one more Zafreeti when you find that the first one is going to die. You should be able to destroy the whole yard with this kind of attack. Tip: Enrage only the Zafreeti near the Ichi with 100,000 Putty and not the one near the D.A.V.E. Never enrage your Ichi's intentionally.

  • Another very effective method is to send a few D.A.V.E.s in with a Fomor and two or more Zafreetis. The buff from the champion will lessen any damage done to the D.A.V.E.s and the Zafreeti will easily heal it. This will let the D.A.V.E.s survive even a level 6 Drull or a bunker full of Banditos. D.A.V.E.s are good to do this with 3 or more Zafreetis with a champion monster (Fomor will help the most with Putty Rage) and 7 or more D.A.V.E.s, and there you go, a completly destroyed yard (best used with rocket D.A.V.E.s mostly level 2 - 3 and when they're at level 5 - 6 )
D.A.V.E Rockets!

Good Advice: When pairing D.A.V.E with flying monsters, it is recommended to destroy the Aerial Defense Towers (if they have any) using 100,000 twigs and 100,000 pebbles so that your Zafreeti's and/or Fomor wont die.

D.A.V.E. isn't only good for attacking, but is also very useful in Monster Bunkers. If you have Rocket D.A.V.Es, put some in Monster Bunkers since they can attack flying monsters like Teratorn, Zafreeti and Fomor. However, D.A.V.E. is not of much use in bunkers without Rockets.

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