You need all three champions to make this work

What Is It

A champion assault is when you destroy a yard with all 3 Champion Monsters,wich means you need to have a Champion Chamber.

Required Monsters

 Note:All the Champions must be level 6 bonus 3

How To Do It

  1. First you need Shiny,because your going to have to heal your champs quikly
  1. Next a target yard
  1. Finally the attack
  • Use Drull to quikly destroy the defensive towers and bunkered monsters
  • Heal drull,Freeze him and then thaw gorgo
  • Use Gorgo to trigger all traps,wich means you need to attack again and again to make sure all traps are destroyed so your looting wave will not be bothered
  • Do with Gorgo the same thing you did with drull
  • For your looting wave see here

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