The perfect tactic for cheaters.


Champ-Cheating is an effective way to take over tough yards.

How to cheat.

  1. Build a Champion Cage
  2. Select a temtpting looking yard from your region, which is soon to become your empire.
  3. Choose to "raise" GorgoDrull, or Korath.
  4. Attack the desired yard using only your selected Champion (you could use the catapult, too).
  5. When the Champion dies, end the attack.
  6. Go back to your main yard.
  7. Juice your Champion.
  8. Repeat from step 3, always alternating Chamions. (if you don´t, the "Anti-cheat" will activate)
  9. Enjoy until the yard is oblivion.

You should lose no goo in this way, so it is very efficient, but if the Anti-cheat kicks in, you may have a few problems.

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