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Block (Inferno)
Under Hall Level Required 2
Maximum Building Levels 3
Building Usage Defense
Size 1 x 1 in blocks

" A simple block, used to build wall to protect buildings and channel attackers into traps or closer to towers. Can be upgraded from brimstone to granite to forged steel. "

General Information

Just as they are in the Backyard, Inferno blocks are used to build walls, to protect buildings and to channel (path) attackers into traps or closer to defensive towers or to waste time. They can be upgraded from brimstone to granite to forged steel. Unlike Overworld blocks, they do not have the typical box-shape in the first 2 levels.


They have the same stats as the first 3 Overworld Blocks (Wood, Stone, Metal).

The third block resembles the color of a Black Diamond Block and the design of a Golden Block.

They only have 2 upgrades while the overworld blocks have 4.

Inferno blocks

Block levels in Inferno

Building and Upgrading

Structure Level Resources Needed Building Time Repair Time HP Resources Recycled Under Hall Level
Bone Coal Bone Coal
1 1,000 0 5s 1,000 500 0 2
2 0 10,000 2,300 500 5,000 3
3 100,000 100,000 5,750 50,500 55,000 4

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