General Information

On March 14, 2012 (considered Pi day for mathematicians coicidentially) , Backyard Monsters officially became 2 years old. Nothing really happened on the day except that a video was made answering some questions. The video is displayed below.

2nd anniversary04:32

2nd anniversary

Questions in the video

The video is made up of sections, each answering a separate question.

  • Where did you get the idea for Backyard Monsters?
  • Did backyard monsters change as you were developing it?
  • Did you remember the day when the game hit 2 million downloads?
  • How much content has been added in the last two years?
  • Have suggestions of other players influenced any of those features?
  • How many people work on backyard monsters now?
  • What is the secret of destroying an "indestructable" base?
  • What does D.A.V.E stand for?
  • Are there new features planned for release in the near future?

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